O2C Lab Community, operating through our Forums International platform, serves as the dedicated credit management community within The Order to Cash Laboratory.

Our Mission:
Our raison d’être is to forge an inclusive and integrated credit management community across the UK, Europe, and beyond and create a dynamic ecosystem that empowers credit professionals at every level, fostering collaboration and best practices within and across the credit management industry.

Key Objectives:

Industry Forums: At O2C Lab Community, our credit management forums cater to the diverse needs of the broader credit management industry, providing a comprehensive space for professionals across sectors. Additionally, we offer specialised forums with a distinct focus on specific industries, allowing members to delve deeper into tailored discussions and insights relevant to their specific sector. Whether you seek a panoramic view of credit management or industry-specific expertise, our forums are designed to meet the varied needs of our dynamic community.

Inclusivity and Integration: We strive to break down barriers, creating pathways for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among credit management professionals at all levels and with the critical internal functions and financial controllership framework within the companies in which our credit management professionals are engaged.

Beyond Boundaries: Our community extends beyond geographical limits, connecting professionals from diverse backgrounds to enrich the collective wisdom and advocacy of credit management.

O2C Lab Community Membership Benefits:

By joining O2C Lab Community, you gain exclusive access to a plethora of benefits:

Whole-of-Team Membership: Enjoy the advantages of a membership that encompasses your entire team. We encourage the active participation, collaboration, and learning of you and your team in O2C’s open and inviting credit management forums. This not only fosters a culture of shared knowledge but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the competence and skills within your team.

Forums Advantages: Engage in discussions, shared experiences, and stay up to date with credit management best practices from industry specialists with Forums International at your desired Forum. As part of your membership, you also gain exclusive access to the Fraud Prevention Network Forum and O2C Improvement Forum, enhancing your insights and fostering collaboration across diverse sectors.

Training and Performance: Seamlessly connect with O2C Lab’s training and performance resources, providing on-demand training that empowers your team with cutting-edge skills. Moreover, take advantage of O2C Labs discounted in-house training sessions tailored to your specific needs, available through your preferred presentation medium, be it face-to-face or virtual.

Event Participation: Included in Membership is your exclusive invitations to O2C Lab Events and Conferences, spanning both national and international landscapes. Here, you’ll gain the latest advancements and strategies in credit management from subject matter experts and industry leaders, engage in interactive workshops and hands-on sessions for practical skills development, and the opportunity to foster collaborations and shared experiences with like-minded professionals.

At O2C Lab Community, we believe in the transformative power of collective knowledge. Join us, and together, let’s shape the future of credit management.

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