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Corporate members of O2C Labs will be financial members paying an annual subscription based on team size for access to the broad-based product and services and community activities provided by O2C Labs.

  • Access to industry expertise and resources – Corporate Members will have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources from experienced credit management professionals and credit management industry partners.
  • Access to learning and development programs and masterclasses – Corporate Members will have access to O2C Labs comprehensive O2C and credit management training courses and programmes through O2C Labs Learning Academy
  • Access to subject matter experts, industry research, and networking opportunities.
  • Improved credit management practices – Corporate members can improve their credit management practices through access to best practices, industry standards, and shared knowledge from other members through O2C Labs unique content community programmes and credit management forums.
  • Networking opportunities – Corporate members have the opportunity through the O2C community and O2c Labs events and programmes to network with other professionals in the credit management industry to expand the corporate members’ knowledge, client base and improve business relationships.
  • Advocacy and representation – Corporate members have the opportunity to advocate for their needs and concerns in the industry. They can also participate in industry initiatives and policies that can benefit the industry as well as their own business.

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Members Pricing

Corporate Membership at O2C Labs: Elevate Your Credit Management

Why join as an individual when your entire team can benefit? At O2C Labs, we offer whole-of-team subscription-based corporate membership designed to empower you and your team to obtain the best value for your investment. Your entire team can engage, learn, and grow together, enhancing your credit management capabilities.

Your Membership unlocks a wealth of benefits:

Access to Community Forums. Elevate your credit management practices by adopting best practices, industry standards, and shared knowledge from fellow members through our unique content community programs and credit management forums. Along with your Forum of choice you get automatic membership of the O2C Improvement Forum and Fraud Prevention Network for unlimited attendees.

Agendas: O2C Lab blends industry leadership in Best Practices with topics of interest shaped by our members.   

Learning and Development Programs: Elevate your team’s skills with free access to comprehensive O2C and credit management e-learning training courses and programs offered through the O2C Labs Training and Performance Academy.

Industry Events and Conferences: Elevate your professional development and standing through attending our major Events and Conferences offered through the O2C Labs Events division. Membership provides free access to 2 x Team Members to all Events and Conferences to network with fellow credit management professionals and expand your knowledge through thought leaders and subject matter experts.

Breakfast Club: Access to Monthly 1-hour Breakfast meetings with interesting, non-conventional and topical presentations, fostering engaging discussions and valuable networking opportunities.

Access to Industry Expertise and Resources: Access to world class industry innovation and information through exclusive access to knowledge and resources from our industry corporate partners.

Info Hub: Access to fellow Members through our online knowledge and information hub. Ask questions on matters that concern you and receive response and advice from fellow Members.

Join us as a Corporate Member at O2C Labs and empower your team with unparalleled resources, knowledge, and networking opportunities. It’s not just membership; it’s a partnership for success.

Members Pricing

Ready to take your credit management practices to the next level? Explore our corporate membership options and join O2C Labs community today. If you are an existing Forums International member you can take advantage of the full O2C Lab membership benefits immediately.

Existing Members (Renewal)
(For selected Forum + Complimentary O2CPI + FPN Forums)
Renewals from 1st February 2024£999 (plus VAT)
On the anniversary of above renewal£1500 (plus VAT)
New Members 
New Members    £1500 (plus VAT)

*All above pricing relates to Credit Management Teams of 20 people or less
**For Teams of more than 20 please contact

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